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Commission Process

For starters

Send me a message with what you have in mind for your custom piece.  The more detail, the better!

Helpful notes to include:

- preferred medium (watercolor, digital, etc.)

- size/dimensions

- deadline

-  LOTS of pictures!

(one for the specific commission + others for reference)

Time frame

The timeline for custom orders varies by case to case, but I typically require 2-4 weeks for an optimal end product.


Let me know your deadline and I am happy to work with you to the best of my ability to make it happen!


Once we have discussed the specifications of your piece, I will provide you with a price based on expected time + materials needed to complete.

I ask for a 50% pay installment prior to beginning the commission and the final 50% before your masterpiece is shipped to you. 


Ownership of original artwork belongs with commissioner after full payment is received. However, please note that I own the copyrights to all my paintings, which includes reproductive rights.

let's make magic together

Some previous commissions...

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